Median Ui Blogger Template

Median UI Blogger Template is a multi-purpose fast loading mobile application dashboard looking with responsive layout that can be suitable for Technology, Product Review, Hosting Review, Personal Blog, News, Lyrics and so many others. It allows you customize you blogger blog with full flexiblity.

In this article, we have also shared with you the Median UI With AMP Version Template. I’ve been dividing with you responsive and interesting blogger templates for you for a very long time and at present, I’m going to share with you a brand new Blogspot template which is named Median UI.

Icons and Fonts Used in Median UI:

This blogger template makes use of stylish fonts offered by Google and it’s also possible to change these fonts in response to your necessities if you want and if it is advisable to edit this template to regulate the fonts of this template study the documentation or suggestions what you need to achieve this that I can serve you to edit or remodel your font in response to your requirement.

Median UI blogger template makes use of SVG icons that lots of web sites on the web use. You can even use some other library for icons or it’s also possible to use photos however that might be difficult that is why in your ease I’ve used a font-awesome CSS library. If you do not have data about font-awesome merely go to google.com and seek for font-awesome CSS library and you’ll be handed over with the complete details about font-awesome CSS Library.

Documentation of Median UI Blogger Template By Jago Desain:

It could be laborious so that you can edit the Median UI AMP and LTR Version blogger template if I cannot hand over the documentation of this blogger template that is why in your calmness and to acknowledge add different functionalities on this blogger template and the way this blogger template works. I’ve created entire documentation that you’ll be able to study and it’ll aid you in any case of error or in any case of a dispute that you just face in this blogger template.

I repeatedly attempt to embody the documentation of each blogger template which I share on this web site however typically it might be difficult to maintain the documentation of any blogger template in that case you may remark your problem you probably have any within the remark part however for Median UI blogger template you do not have to fret concerning the documentation as a result of for this blogger template Ulathemes have written a long description intending to effortlessly use this template in your blogger website.

Here is Documentation : https://docs.jagodesain.com/search/label/Median%20UI

Main Features of Median UI Blogger Template

So, below you can read some special features of the Median Ui and for those who want to know the full features of this theme then check the demo site and if will not suitable for you then you can check out the other similar theme Fletro Pro and Imagz Blogger Template with landing page too as well as we also offers you to Median Ui Safelink and Redesign version, for this you can contact us.

Google Testing Tool ValidatorYes
SEO FriendlyYes
Stylish ButtonYes
Mobile FriendlyYes
404 pageYes
Featured PostYes
Auto Read More With ThumbnailYes
Ads ReadyYes
Responsive FooterYes
Social Follow ButtonYes
Multi Dropdown MenuYes
Search WidgetYes
Related Posts with ThumbnailYes
Social Share ButtonYes
Email Newsletter WidgetYes
Recent Post WidgetYes
Detailed DocumentationYes
Featured Post SliderYes
Recent Post CrouselYes
Syntax HighlighterYes

Changelog of Median UI Template

– Update: May 12, 2021

  1. Release version 1.5
  2. Rewriting HTML and CSS code
    • Rewriting all typographic style posts
  3. Combine RTL versions with Standard versions
  4. Add 2 alternative home page views
  5. A navigation menu that can be permanently collapsed
  6. Add new features:
    • Notification Header Widget
    • Widget Navigation Menu (Simple)
    • Enhanced slider widget
    • Popular Post widget with a new look
    • More ad slots
    • Fullpage, Sponsored and Product special posting pages
    • Pop-up comments
    • Profile widget pop-up
    • Alternative comments on Disqus onScroll
    • New typographic post style (Grid image, Scroll image, etc.)
  7. Repair:
    • Icon comments that can’t be clicked
    • Table of content that supports all languages
    • Almost all standard features can be changed through the Blogger Layout
    • A neater view of the Blogger’s layout
    • More colors can be changed through Blogger Theme Designers
    • Easier display / hide mobile navigation
    • Easier navigation menu to edit
    • Social media links that can be edited through the Blogger Layout

– Update: October 6, 2020

  1. Release version 1.3
  2. Perubahan tampilan:
    • Menambahkan font baru untuk heading
    • Header yang lebih tegas
    • Merubah warna dark menjadi lebih hitam
    • Medukung tag <p> pada postingan
    • Merubah script lazyload menjadi lazysize
  3. Penambahan fitur baru:
    • Split post atau membagi postingan ke beberapa halaman template
    • Fungsi tabs pada postingan template
    • Tampilkan atau sembunyikan snippet post deskripsi singkat pada artikel
    • Daftar isi atau table of contents otomatis
    • Breadcrumb dengan batas dua label
    • Tombol mengubah ukuran font pada artikel
    • Penambahan opsi komentar disqus dan Facebook
  4. Widget baru:
    • Menambah widget untuk slot iklan baru dibawah header dan diatas footer
    • Widget Slider mini pada homepage
    • Widget Profile dengan dua tampilan
    • Widget Label dengan fungsi show hide
    • Widget PopularPost dengan atau tanpa thumbnail

– Pembaruan: 25 Juli 2020

  1. Perbaikan pada sebagia kode CSS
  2. Perbaikan pada beberapa tag HTML agar lebih valid
  3. Perbaikan pada tampilan UC Browser, Safari dan IE 11
  4. Perubahan kolom artikel pada halaman homepage
  5. Sedikit perubahan pada penulisan table
  6. Perbaikan gambar header yang tidak muncul pada versi AMP
  7. Perbaikan tombol Mobile Navigation yang rata kiri pada UC Browser
  8. Penghapusan CSS display:grid yang tidak support pada beberapa browser

– Pembaruan: 8 Juli 2020

  1. Change related script related post/article
  2. Change TOC/ Table of contents to Pure HTML + CSS (without js)
  3. Turn Spoilers into Pure HTML + CSS ,
    Now this feature can be used on the AMP version
  4. Add Profile/Contributor widgets
  5. Repairing the table becomes more responsive
  6. Improvements to the share button become more responsive on all screens

– Update: June 23, 2020

  1. Added license to the template (including AMP)
  2. Add style to LinkList widget / Link List
  3. Removal of the Random post widget
  4. Temporary deletion of related articles is mediated by posts
  5. Addition of style accordion (faq menu) to the posting feature
  6. Addition of link share to Telegram to share button
  7. Improvements to the responsive display
  8. Improvements to the comment reply button on the AMP version

– Update: June 16, 2020

  1. AMP version release, demo link : median-amp.blogspot.com

– Update: May 16, 2020

  1. Improvements to several bugs, including:
    • Improvements to CSS code
    • Color improvements and hover effects especially in dark mode
    • Fix navigation button problems that sometimes don’t work
    • Troubleshoot fix on tags <br/> post
    • Fix the middle uneven post image problem in the mobile display
    • Repairing table problems that are not responsive
    • Layout changes in the responsive display such as related post, post card, share button and others
  2. Add back to top button